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Prediction for the Designing Trends for 2019

Prediction for the Designing Trends for 2019

  • Prediction for the designing trends for 2019-in every format, like colors, formats, and customer choices? 

The entire interior design industry is seeing so much structuring with the advent of online players and international players that are targeting middle-income market. Customer choices are also evolving. Rather than the overdesigned in every element, customers are beginning to understand bolder moves, engage designers for their homes.

Design trends are moving towards modern themes with the increased use of modular kitchens, wardrobes and fixed furniture. Clean lines in light colors with accents/accessories that can be changed with time, is the growing theme. Furniture that is lifted from the floor like floating tv units, sofas with longer pencil legs, Nordic themes, light woods is the upcoming trend.

Heavily designed rooms, ornate themes in homes with many design elements are a dying theme owing to smaller apartments available in the market.

Customers are also very well-traveled these days and experience many modern design flavors across the world. They aren’t hesitant to try greys & oranges, various bright colors like apple green, teals, pinks that accent modern homes. With new technological advances in materials and maintenance in furniture finishes and even fabrics, customers aren’t afraid to try white or light themes. White sofas, white kitchens, white wardrobes are replacing the old wood look. Light and bright homes with youthful flavors are trending more nowadays.

  • How do you see the theme ‘Architecture – Science and Technology’ as a part of a never-ending innovation process? Describe the modern-day influences on the art-story choices for designing?

Architecture and design are closely linked to science and technological advances in materials, lifestyle, machinery that we use in our lives. Starting from mies van der rohe and his glass box which brought in modern design and design value with efficient costing.

Even today, customers always are looking for efficient designs that can offer functionality and design. Slim leds brought slimmer false ceilings, factory finished furniture brings in better timelines for work completion and the list goes on.

Modern day influences range from lifestyles to preferences. We cannot maintain as much and look for durable low maintenance furniture and bid good bye to dust collecting designs.
We long for fresh ideas, fresh colors and varied choices and find those in trending looks available to us online and offline. In India today especially, access to designer elated images, ideas, trends have educated the customer and made them more open to styling and new looks.

  • Is there is something you would like to add to be shared with your audience at large, in terms of your visionary designing views and brand motto?

We strongly believe that the Indian customer needs a professional agency that handles the stress and hassle of an interiors job; Ranging from cost inflation, quality problems, and timeliness.
reNNovate Interiors is a turnkey design company for homes that brings customized factory finished furniture, delivered in 45 days with 5yr warranty and with designer styling. Our homes are designer first with a strong usage of modern technologies in furniture, civil work and new materials of high quality that save the customer time and costs.

We could not have achieved this level of customer sensitivity without technology in terms of the manufacturing of materials and home goods, space visualization software. We strongly address the systemized costing issue faces by customers by structuring their purchases into neat shopping lists.

Our motto is to delight customers with good design and a great product!

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

I love design and I involve myself from the very beginning of every project! We tailor make, customize and breathe design styling into each and every project that we take up.