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Trendy Bathroom Interior
And Bathroom Design

You must choose your bathroom designs wisely, as they must match and blend with your home style and personality. Often we can overlook the interior design of the bathroom as we might feel it is not essential or necessary. However, bathroom interior design is equally important and must never be overlooked.

You must remember that the bathroom is an essential space in your home, and you must select a bathroom design that is functional and hygienic. It is primarily because of these reasons that having the fight bathroom interior is necessary.

When it comes to selecting bathroom designs, you are spoiled with options!

You can pick from the following:
1. Small bathroom designs
2. Modern bathroom designs
3. Contemporary bathroom designs
4. Traditional bathroom designs

And many more.

Bathroom Design By Rennovate

bathroom decor ideas by Rennovate
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small bathroom designs


Discover Exception Bathroom Interior Designs With reNNovate

You can explore a variety of interior designs for bathroom with us!

We create small bathroom designs, modern bathroom designs, and even customised bathroom interiors that align with your interior goals and expectations.

Our experienced bathroom interior designers sit with you and understand your needs, expectations and visions for your bathroom interiors.

After a clear understanding, we then create exceptional bathroom designs that tick all your boxes!

Post creating your bathroom interior plan, we share the plan with you via 3D visualisation.

You can then see your modern bathroom design in 3D, which gives you a better understanding of the functional and structural elements. After viewing the bathroom interior design in 3D, you can provide us with your feedback and suggestions.

We make the needed changes and add our own creative and structural inputs, and after you finalise your interior design for the bathroom, we start our work!

You no longer have to be confused about your bathroom interiors or bathroom designs, as we are here to help all your bathroom design dreams come true!

Residential Interior Design By Rennovate

Bathroom Design Projects

Explore the latest bathroom design ideas now!

Interior Design For Bathroom Tips

Keep things organized

Always coordinate bathroom interiors.

Having an overall bathroom design for an interior plan is essential. You must consider your family members before creating a bathroom design plan. This helps to create a creative, attractive yet functional bathroom design.

Add a pattern or texture

Separate the wet and dry areas

It is essential to keep bathrooms dry especially with storage or woodwork in the bathroomEven for the longevity of the bathroom door, it is important to keep this separation. Have a shower partition or shower curtain with the all essential tile drop in the shower area.

Keep little hands & Minds Busy

Give priority to storage space in the bathroom

Having enough storage is a primary concern in most modern bathroom designs. However, the suitable bathroom designs can make it a complementary part of the bathroom interiors.
Colourful and plush towels can be displayed on decorative racks. Other items such as body and beauty products can be stored in small closets inset into the walls. Over-the-door hooks offer additional storage for pyjamas and robes.

Play With Colors

Design with room to grow

When designing bathroom interiors, your family’s potential growth is a crucial factor to consider before finalising your bathroom interiors. Consider whether children will be born or parents might come to stay with you, or you might even adopt pets. If this is the case, you must invest in fixtures and designs that will accommodate these changes and will show foresight and consideration for years to come without any expensive alterations.


Must-Have Bathroom Design Elements

1. Overall tile scheme
The bathroom palette is set by the colour combination of the tiles. Be it printed moroccan tiles or marble finished tiles, setting the colour scheme is important. Useful hack is to minimize tile joints by choosing bigger tiles. In a 4’ x 7’ mumbai bathroom, one can go for 2’ x 4’ tiles. Choose bigger tiles for bigger bathrooms.

2. Toilet sanitary ware and fittings well chosen and budgetedA crucial element of your bathroom design and also a sanitary element. You must work on this element when planning your bathroom interiors. These are available in different colours, designs and different price ranges based on features chosen

Toilet designs have evolved, and homeowners will be spoilt for choices with multiple options. Selecting the right shower fixtures is another essential element for your bathroom design plan. When choosing the shower fixtures, you can ask yourself the following questions to yourselves:
1. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
2. Do you need a seat in the shower area?
3. Do you want the toiletries and grooming kits displayed out in the open, or do you want to hide from them?

3. Countertop With Sink
Bathroom countertops are an excellent way of sprucing up small bathroom spaces. You can pick from various materials such as quartz, granite and tiles; every material is unique and suits different styles, budgets and requirements

modern bathroom design

4. Vanity Unit and Mirror design
Vanity units refer to bathroom cabinets that surround the sinks and offer additional storage space, and hide the plumbing. ...Remember, the style and size of the vanity you select impact your bathroom interior style. Mirrors today are also aplenty with back lit, side lit, plain, bevelled, designed and many more. Coupled with decorative lighting, they give you a final look oo lalala!

5. Lighting
Lighting is an essential element for interior design for bathrooms. A well-lit bathroom highlights the details preventing any falls or slips in the bathroom. Every element of your vanity, sink, toilet, and shower requires different lighting that makes your bathroom look stylish. There is multiple lighting design that you can select for your modern bathroom designs: Mirror backlighting LED strip lights Pendant lights Spotlights Wall mounted lamps

6. Bathroom accessories
Towel rack, various holders, Shelves etc Today bathroom accessories are also available in beautiful colours like rose gold, gold, balck etc in addition to chrome. Available in branded and unbranded options, these can be a feast to shop for! Towel shelves or towel rods are the must-have accessories in every bathroom as they keep your hand towels and bath towels all in one palace—the perfect addition to organising all your bathroom linens.

Ensure to plan all the elements of your bathroom design simultaneously so that all the dots connect well!


Client Testimonials

"Rennovate is a professional interior design company. Their team of interior designers is exceptionally talented. Their ideas and suggestions for TV unit designs were outstanding and chic. Rennovate helped us design our living room from scratch. The interiors of our living area were carefully planned and executed with superior excellence. We are delighted with their precision and creativity. Kudos to the team "Renovate!"

TV Unit Design Ideas - Regular Client


Why Choose reNNovate for designing your bathroom interiors?

Our bathroom interiors and bathroom designs always have an edge and are loved by our clients as they are the perfect mixture of elegance, creativity and functionality.

We curate bathroom designs for small homes, medium homes and big homes, and we are perfectly comfortable and confident with working across multiple budgets!

Having worked on multiple bathroom design projects, we are used to catering to all our client’s unique requirements and expectations for bathroom interiors.

All our bathroom design projects are completed within a specified timeline.

Bathroom Interior Designs for bathroom renovation mumbai


Bathroom designs that you love!

We have an in-depth knowledge of multiple bathroom elements, such as porcelain tiles and wood planks, and we even know how to experiment with the latest bathroom design trends.

We are always with you, guiding you and helping you make the right decisions related to your bathroom interior designs.

We discuss every important detail with you, from selecting the right budget, the materials used, the colour schemes and whether or not you want to add additional elements to your bathroom interior designs.

If you wish to have a master bathroom in a small space and have a tight budget, worry not, as we develop the best bathroom interior design plan for the same!

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Maximize the Use of Space


Keep things organized


Keep little hands & Minds Busy


Play With Colors



At reNNovate, We outshine OTHERS

With ReNNovate Typical experience¹


  • We include everything upfront(see table below for more!)Design depends on costs, it makes no sense to keep change pricing and keep revising design.

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • We reach you! We understand that you are busy. We share the quotation and layout instantly , no forced experience centre visit. Next visit is the your flat and all design selections at the comfort of your home

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Every material is costed. Every item branded and costed

  • Shutter in BWR, rest in HDHMR or poor materials. Not including civil, electrical, paint, design. Something is always missing


  • We specialize in renovations and complicated civil projects. There is a senior architect handling evry project from beginning to end

  • Freshers, non technical interior designers and decorators.

We are not expensive! We include everything….


2022 bathroom trends revolve around the moroccan look or the classic marble look. A splash of textured wall coverings, sandwiched mirrors, plain solid covers, using natural materials such as stone and wood, installing walking showers, converting old elements to new, and experimenting with faucets and sink apart from others.

  • Master Bathroom

It is attached to the primary bedroom and is the largest bathroom in the house meant for and displays privacy and luxury; you can install a bathtub in the master bathroom.

  • Secondary Bathroom

This bathroom can be attached to the second bedroom, shared by kids and other family members, and is smaller than the master bathroom.

  • Powder Room

This room is located in the common house areas and adjoining the living and dining room. It is used by guests to freshen up and is half the size of regular bathrooms.

There are multiple small bathroom design ideas:

  1. Keep the bathroom colours light and bright
  2. Mirror a wall or incorporate multiple mirrors
  3. Invest in a glass shower door
  4. Backlight the mirror
  5. You can even remove the shower door completely

  1. Mirrors
  2. Non-skid bath mat
  3. Toothbrush holder
  4. Extra toilet paper
  5. Over the door/ wall hooks
  6. Wastebasket
  7. Hand soaps
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