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Renovate associates is one of the largest & distinguished Interior Designing & modular furniture company in India. Every project we undertake begins with a thorough assessment of your unique and individual needs.
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Your abode conveys a lot about your lifestyle and your personality. It gives a glimpse of the style quotient too. Hence, it is essential to choose the right elements for your interiors and weave an impressive story of your interiors. A professional interior designer having expertise in this subject can work wonders for your space. It can transform your space drastically and give it a spectacular edge too.

Rennovate is one of the leading renovation companies in the country. We have an experience of more than one decade in this industry. We strive to create spaces that are stylish and comfortable too. Our team of experts has an immense understanding of interior spaces. They have the right skills to bring your vision to life and create creative spaces.

At Rennovate, we make sure your spaces are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and modern in every sense. We transform your imagination and ideas into reality with our Residential Interior Designers.

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An interior designer is one with a creative outlook and innovative ideas. Their knowledge of interior spaces, architecture, and structural planning is impeccable. The expertise of interior designers is in fitting big objects in small spaces. An interior designer comprehends the limitations and prospects of a space. Their vision is marvelous and far-sighted. They view a space differently. Their ideas and suggestions can transform a space optimally and set the right symphony.

Rennovate is an expert interior design and renovation, service provider. Our intuitive sense of designing is matchless and beyond comparison. We create spaces that match your personality and expectations. Our interior designs are an inspiration and aim to make the optimum utilization of space. Our minimalistic designs are impressive, eternal, and clutter-breaking.

We design your home of dreams with utmost passion and perseverance. Connect with our residential interior designers in Mumbai now.


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One of the major benefits of associating with Rennovate for interior design services is the opportunity to work with a close knit team of creative enthusiasts. Our team of professional architects are the master of their field. They take efforts to update themselves and come up with unique interior ideas and plans.

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Time is crucial and we understand the same to the tee. We always emphasize the timely completion of the project. Every aspect of your interiordesign project is discussed in detail and executed with perfection to deliver stunning results within the given timeframe.

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Rennovate has experience in transforming spaces into masterpieces. Our interior design projects are the perfect melange of style and sophistication. They are luxurious, simple, and creative yet redefining. We intend to set new benchmarks with modern interior styling.

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The execution of an interior design plan speaks a lot about the interior journey. Hence, we give optimum attention to the finishing and finesse of our work. Our interior project is completed with superior vigilance to achieve the desired outcome. Our interior designers provide quality solutions with a touch of imagination.


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Your search for a residential interior designer ends at Rennovate. Connect with us for exclusive interior designs. Just search “Interior designers near me” and you will find our brand name on the top.


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Maximize the Use of Space


Keep things organized


Keep little hands & Minds Busy


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At reNNovate, We outshine OTHERS

With ReNNovate Typical experience¹


  • We include everything upfront(see table below for more!)Design depends on costs, it makes no sense to keep change pricing and keep revising design.

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • We reach you! We understand that you are busy. We share the quotation and layout instantly , no forced experience centre visit. Next visit is the your flat and all design selections at the comfort of your home

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Every material is costed. Every item branded and costed

  • Shutter in BWR, rest in HDHMR or poor materials. Not including civil, electrical, paint, design. Something is always missing


  • We specialize in renovations and complicated civil projects. There is a senior architect handling evry project from beginning to end

  • Freshers, non technical interior designers and decorators.

We are not expensive! We include everything….


The minimum budget for interior design depends upon several factors such as the area of your room, the requirement, and the interior design plan. You can get in touch with our team to know the exact quotation for interior design.

The cost of high-quality interior work for a house in India can range from 10 lakhs upwards. There is no set budget for the same. We do homes from 6 lakh to 1.5 cr. The cost varies on several elements. It is recommended to consult an interior designer / architect to get an exact quotation for the project.

Here are some factors that you must consider while choosing an interior designer:

  1. Professional expertise
  2. Experience
  3. Team Strengths
  4. Reviews and Ratings
  5. Past Work
  6. Client approach

The cost of furnishing a home is affected by many factors such as the size of the furnishing, the material of the furnishing, the quality of the furnishing, and so on.

An interior design project is generally end-to-end and includes everything right from the plan of the project to the final execution of the same. A professional interior designer takes care of the complete project and provides an end-to-end solution.

To remodel your home on a low budget, make sure you curate the right set of elements for your home. Look out for stylish, distinctive yet simple elements that can make a big difference to your space. 

The average interior design cost in Mumbai starts from 7 lakh. It can go up to 50 lakh- 1 .5 cr or more depending upon the size of your abode, interior design plan, and so on. You can consult with residential interior designers to get exact costing for your project.

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