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TV Unit Designs
TV Unit
Enhance the Beauty of
Your Living Area

The living room is one of the most important areas of your abode. It defines your space and gives the first impression to a visitor. It is essential to make sure every element in your living room is well-synchronized and together states the concept of your interiors.

When it comes to the living room, TV wall design is one of the most focused areas. It is one of the major parts of your premise and hence, must be chosen with utmost attention to detail. It is imperative to give utmost emphasis on the finesse, style, and material of your TV unit design.

The TV cabinet design must be well-crafted and planned. The significance of TV cabinet design must be taken into consideration while finalizing the design of the same.

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TV Unit Designs By Rennovate

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Organize Your Television With Stylish And Sturdy
tv wall design
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Organize Your Television With Stylish And Sturdy


Organize Your Television With
Stylish And
Sturdy C, Cabinets &
TV Stands

Your television unit design and structure have an impact on the viewing experience as well as the aesthetics of your premise. TV units are a great way to organize the viewing space and give it a distinct edge. The TV units, cabinets, and stands are modern consoles that can drastically change the look and feel of the room. The inclusion of light settings and storage space simplifies your daily living with optimum utilization of space.

Compact, sturdy, and stylish TV units should be a preferred choice for modern urban homes. The contemporary styling of TV units can give an elating appearance to your living area and add more elegance to your home as well.

The TV wall design must compliment your interior and other elements in your living room like your seating arrangement. Wooden TV cabinet units and consoles are one of the best options. They are classic and always in vogue. Moreover, wooden TV cabinets have the potential to seamlessly blend with the other elements of your room without overpowering other elements.

If you want to give a neat, clean, stylish, and timeless look to your premise then, wooden TV wall design must be on your checklist.

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Things To Consider Before TV Units Design

Here are some of the points that can help you to choose an appropriate design for your TV cabinet.

Maximize the Use of Space

Measure The Size Of Your Television

Measure The Size Of Your Television: One of the most important things that you must give importance to while
considering a TV wall design is the size of your television. Make sure to choose a wall design that has enough breathing space for your TV. Go for a TV wall design that has ample empty space on all four sides after the placement of the TV.Measure the size of your television and plan the TV wall design accordingly.

Keep things organized

Consider The Material And Color

The material and color of your TV cabinet design should match with other elements of your living area. Opt for colors that highlight your TV unit and set the perfect symphony of texture. You can include texture and opt for different finishes to give your TV unit a cut above the rest.

Keep little hands & Minds Busy

Choosing The Best Location

The location of your TV wall unit design must be appropriate. It should offer a comfortable viewing experience to the viewer. The height of the TV unit should be optimal. Make sure to study the structure of your living room to finalize a layout that best suits your premise.

Play With Colors

Say Yes To Extra Storage!

Storage is one of the most important requisites when it comes to TV cabinet design. Apart, the aesthetic elements give equal focus on the storage space. A TV unit design can help you to perfectly organize your essentials without any clutter. Try to look out for storage opportunities when you select a TV wall unit design.


Different Varieties Of TV Units, Cabinets, And TV Stands

Wall-Mounted TV Stand | Top tv wall design

Wall-Mounted TV Stand

If your living area is compact and has space restrictions then, wall mounted TV stand is one of the best alternatives for you.

Spacious TV Unit Design | TV Cupboard

TV Cupboard

If you are looking for elaborate storage space then, a TV cupboard should be an ideal choice for you.

TV Unit Design Ideas - Wooden TV Stand

Modern TV Unit Design

An open TV showcase provides sufficient space for your television as well as other daily essentials.

TV Unit Design Ideas - Partition TV Units

Compact TV Stand

A compact TV stand can serve as a dainty and minimalistic piece of furniture to keep your TV.


Client Testimonials

"Rennovate is a professional interior design company. Their team of interior designers is exceptionally talented. Their ideas and suggestions for TV unit designs were outstanding and chic. Rennovate helped us design our living room from scratch. The interiors of our living area were carefully planned and executed with superior excellence. We are delighted with their precision and creativity. Kudos to the team "Renovate!"

TV Unit Design Ideas - Regular Client

"We collaborate with Rennovate for our drawing room interior designs. It was a pleasant experience working with the creative team at Rennovate. The interior designs suggested by them were pleasing, modular, and stylish. We loved their planning and attention to detail. We are happily surprised by the overall look of our room. "Thanks, Rennovate, for crafting our dream abode."

Drawing Room Design Ideas - Regular Client

"Rennovate is the best interior design company. Their ideas and suggestions are extraordinary. The kitchen interior ideas presented by the team at Rennovate were spectacular and creative. We are very elated with their approach, service, and creativity."

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas - Regular Client

"Excellent execution by the entire team. Delivered the site within the timeframe regular checks and follow ups done by the interior designer and her contractor right from the initial planning tot maintenance thereafter. Great quality of work taking into considerations current industry trends . strongly encourage and recommend Rennovate."

Bed Design - Regular Client

"Rennovate is the best interior design company. Our experience with them was pleasant and satisfactory. We are very happy with their innovative interior design plan and ideas. Their detailing and smart approach thoroughly exceeded our expectations. "We are elated with the trendy interior design."

Interior Design - Regular Client

"Recently, we collaborated with team Rennovate for bedroom interiors. Must have It was one of the finest renovation experiences that we ever had. We were happy and pleased with their service, creative interior ideas, and superior finishing. "Rennovate is the best choice for bedroom interiors."

Bedroom Interior Design - Regular Client

"Rennovate has some of the most creative interior design ideas for homes. Their space planning and interior design concepts are out of the box. We are happy with the final outcome of your renovation project. Thanks to team Rennovate for their outstanding work and artistic interior design ideas."

Interior Design For Home - Regular Client

"Rennovate has done an outstanding job while designing the interiors for our living room. The elements chosen by them were creative and aesthetically beautiful. The placement and treatment done with the lights in the living area are truly mesmerizing."

Living Room Idea - Regular Client

"Rennovate miraculously transformed the room of our little munchkin. The design and planning of the room were done beyond perfection. Their ideas for the kid's room were practical and creative too. The inclusion of distinctive yet simple elements gave this room a stunning appearance. We are happy to associate with Rennovate”

Kid’s Bedroom - Regular Client

"We hired Rennovate to design our bedroom and interior decoration for our home. Honestly, we were amazed by the concepts and ideas for the bedroom given by the team at Rennovate. Everything was planned in detail with precision. The themes and concepts of the bedroom were outstanding. We loved the final execution! Thanks to the team at Rennovate. "

Bathroom Design - Regular Client

"It was a satisfying and elating experience working with Rennovate for bathroom renovations. Their bathroom design ideas were creative and sleek. We loved the color combination and design plan; it gave our bathroom a refreshing feel."

Bathroom Design Ideas - Regular Client

“Our association with Rennovate for kitchen interior design was pleasant. We are delighted by the output. The creative kitchen interior decoration is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. The design of our modular kitchen is one of the key highlights of our abode and we are loving it. Thanks to the team Rennovate for their outstanding ideas and marvelous finesse.”

Modular Kitchen - Regular Client

"Recently, we collaborated with Rennovate for interior design in Mumbai. The experience was very smooth and amicable. The interior design plan was flawless and exactly as per our expectations. The space planning, decor, furnishing, and storage of every element were planned with precision. What I like the most about Rennovate is their creative ideas and unique style. I am very elated with the final execution and on-time completion of the project. Thanks to the team at Rennovate."

Interior Designers - Regular Client

“Our association with Rennovate for kitchen interior design was pleasant. We are delighted by the output. The creative kitchen interior decoration is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. The design of our modular kitchen is one of the key highlights of our abode and we are loving it. Thanks to the team Rennovate for their outstanding ideas and marvelous finesse.”

Wardrobe Interiors - Regular Client

“Our association with Rennovate for kitchen interior design was pleasant. We are delighted by the output. The creative kitchen interior decoration is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. The design of our modular kitchen is one of the key highlights of our abode and we are loving it. Thanks to the team Rennovate for their outstanding ideas and marvelous finesse.”

Nirlep Patel - Regular Client

"It was an amazing experience working with team Rennovate. Their attention to detail, timely reporting, and exceptionally beautiful ideas have transformed our place. The home interior designers are very supportive and open to suggestions. What we love the most about Rennovate is their finishing and client-friendly approach."

Kuldeep Singh - Regular Client

“Rennovate is one of the most professional companies offering renovation services. The team takes efforts to understand your requirements. Their innovative ideas and creative suggestions have helped us to transform our premise and make the best utilization of the space. The entire association was pleasant. My TV wall unit design is one of the major attractions of my premise. Everyone is appreciating its design and structure. Kudos to the team Rennovate!”

Divya Prim - Regular Client


Why Choose Rennovate As An
Ultimate TV Unit Designer For
Your TV Wall Units?

Renovate is your one-stop solution for all your renovation needs. We are one of the professional renovation service providers. Our team of professionals has immense experience and expertise in designing smart interior spaces.

We are your TV unit Designer partner, we work closely with you to comprehend your requirements and design custom TV wall units. At Rennovate, get the best TV wall unit designs to add more exuberance and style to your living area.


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Maximize the Use of Space


Keep things organized


Keep little hands & Minds Busy


Play With Colors



At reNNovate, We outshine OTHERS

With ReNNovate Typical experience¹


  • We include everything upfront(see table below for more!)Design depends on costs, it makes no sense to keep change pricing and keep revising design.

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • We reach you! We understand that you are busy. We share the quotation and layout instantly , no forced experience centre visit. Next visit is the your flat and all design selections at the comfort of your home

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Every material is costed. Every item branded and costed

  • Shutter in BWR, rest in HDHMR or poor materials. Not including civil, electrical, paint, design. Something is always missing


  • We specialize in renovations and complicated civil projects. There is a senior architect handling evry project from beginning to end

  • Freshers, non technical interior designers and decorators.

We are not expensive! We include everything….



The different types of TV unit design that we have includes wall-mounted TV unit, TV stand, TV showcase, and TV cupboards.

The modern built-in TV wall unit designs seamlessly integrate with your premise and give a contemporary feel to it. They are sleek and space-saving.

The different types of TV units are wooden tv units, wall mounted TV units, Tv stands, modern built-in Tv units, photo tv units, etc. 

We study the overall structure of your premise, the interior style, and decor elements to blend TV into the decor.

Study your room and its elements in detail, and make a note of essentials such as storage space, viewing height, size of the unit, etc to select the best unit design.

Wood is one of the most preferred materials for a TV unit. You can choose Sheesham wood, solid wood, rubber wood, or teak wood for your TV unit.

You can use graceful elements and textures to style your unit in a minimalist yet stylish way.

Regular cleaning can help you to maintain your TV unit.

Yes, you can customize a modern TV unit as per your preferences. You can consult with our team for any modifications or additions. 

The TV unit should be appropriate enough to fit your TV. IT must also have some breathing space on all sides for a neater and cleaner appearance. 

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