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Renovate associates is one of the largest & distinguished Interior Designing & modular furniture company in India. Every project we undertake begins with a thorough assessment of your unique and individual needs.
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Mumbai's Top Interior& Renovation Expert

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Customized End-to-End Home & Office Interiors

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On-time On Budget Delivery of 200+ Projects

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Branded products with Warranty & Guarantee

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5 Signature Styling Options

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At reNNovate, We outshine OTHERS

With ReNNovate Typical experience¹


  • We include everything upfront(see table below for more!)Design depends on costs, it makes no sense to keep change pricing and keep revising design.

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • We reach you! We understand that you are busy. We share the quotation and layout instantly , no forced experience centre visit. Next visit is the your flat and all design selections at the comfort of your home

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Every material is costed. Every item branded and costed

  • Shutter in BWR, rest in HDHMR or poor materials. Not including civil, electrical, paint, design. Something is always missing


  • We specialize in renovations and complicated civil projects. There is a senior architect handling evry project from beginning to end

  • Freshers, non technical interior designers and decorators.


  • 3D walkthroughs through 3 phases of design: layout, selections/colour combination, internal details. Then a detailed sign off with sizes, selections is compiled before the start of every project

  • Cookie cutter 2D/3D designs with no eye for detail. We deliver in 5 international styles covered in many design magazines. We DESIGN+ we deliver.


  • We ALWAYS deliver on time! Check out our google reviews. We have our own designers, our own teams, and flat quality delivery channels. No question of DELAYS

  • Constant delay communication, delaying all projects in the chain of delivery. Non responsive teams due to poor coordination. Slow response due to establishment of vendors/costs and delivery during the project


  • All our completed projects are completely accessible, proud home owners will assure you. We get repeat orders and referealls all the time. We actively show you the homes and not a shop front

  • No fake show room with terrible customer reviews. outsourced designers, contractor projects shown to you


  • Flat 10 year warranty⁴

  • India’s first & only on-site service warranty

  • No warranty offered for products or services


  • Dedicated team for prompt response & support

  • No after-sales support

We are not expensive! We include everything….......

Woodwork ReNNovate Carpenter Livspace/homelane/arrivae etc

In commercial ply

  • Yes

  • Rs. 1600 per sq ft

  • Only shutter will be in BWR, rest all line items for carcass, shelves etc HDHMR or engineered wood

In MR- mosisture resistant commercial ply

  • Yes

  • Rs. 1800 per sq ft

With merino, greenlam, cenrury laminates instead of local brand+ with white laminate inside

  • Yes

  • Rs. 1900 per sq ft

With hettich/hafele soft close fittings

  • Yes

  • Rs. 2000 per sq ft

For every extra drawer in wardrobe

  • Rs. 0

  • Rs. 5000

  • Extra

Handle cost assumed

  • Rs. 800 per profile handle assumed

  • Rs. 250

For multiple laminate bands

  • Yes

  • Rs. 2500 extra per laminate sheet

For godrej/hafele locks

  • Yes

  • Rs. 20 for every lock

Final cost per sq ft( with all of the above)

  • Rs. 2132

  • Rs. 2300

Cost for loft with soft close fittings

  • Rs. 1293

  • Rs. 1300 per sq ft

For a 6' x 7' sliding wardrobe+ loft of 6' x 2'

  • 105,893

  • 112,200.00

  • 230,000

TOTAL WARDROBE+ LOFT per sq ft as per above

  • Rs. 1960 per sq ft

  • Rs. 2077 per sq ft

Total cost OF shoe rack 3ftx3ftx13" with rs. 800 handles+ lock+multiple colors

  • Rs. 20,673

  • Rs. 19,920

Post installation service

  • yes

  • 0

Transport, Hamaali, Wastage

  • 0

  • Additional

Cost due to rental in project delay

  • None

  • Cant be estimated, delays are normal

Design services

  • Yes

  • 0





Electrical ReNNovate Electrician Livspace/Homelane/Arrivae etc

Making of new light point

    Charge all these points into 1 line item

  • Rs. 650

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

Gala cutting in pop

  • Rs. 150

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

New conceal box

  • Rs. 150

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

Wire counted as rft

  • Extra

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

POP filling

  • Extra

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

Fitting charges

  • Rs. 125 per point

  • Don’t do civil/electrical

TOTAL for anchor roma/polycab

  • Rs. 1050

  • Rs. 1075

TOTAL for legrand/polycab

  • Rs. 1200

  • Rs. 1250

Coordination mistake charges

  • 0

  • Rs. 650 per point

Paint ReNNovate Local Painter Livspace/Homelane/Arrivae etc

2 coats putty

  • Yes

  • Outsource

2 coats primer


  • Outsource

3 coats paints


  • Outsource

Touch up after woodwork mover&packers

  • NO

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