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How To Make Your Home Cozy This Winter: Top 5 Interior Design Tips

How To Make Your Home Cozy This Winter: Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Winter is here, and it’s officially the time to get cosy and relax! Almost every Interior Designer suggests that it is also the ideal time to give your Interior Design a cosy lift by turning it into the cosy sanctuary you have always desired! 

Let’s look at the 5 Interior Design Tips that make your Home Cosy This Winter!

1. Pile on Soft Accents like Soft Cushions, and Throw Blankets.

Soft Cushions, Throw blankets are the first thing that comes to every interior designer’s mind when suggesting winter decorating plans to their clients to create warmth. When temperatures drop even slightly in a hot city like Mumbai, your first reaction will be to wrap yourself up and lay on the couch! You don’t need to keep just one but drape and layer blankets over your couch and bed.

2. Warm Up Your Floors

Stepping on cold floors is not a good feeling and besides wearing socks or furry slippers, adding rugs on floors is a great way to keep the cold away and keep your feet warm. You can even layer rugs on top of one another to get the texture, but the rugs are still small enough to be washed.

3. Soften Your Lighting

You can add more light to your rooms and soften them simultaneously! This creates a warm and relaxing home environment. Softening your lighting to create a warm glow can be as simple as replacing light bulbs, adding a new lampshade or changing a scone! You can add a dimmer to your light switches to achieve a soft lighting feeling.

4. Decorate Your Table

An easy Interior Designer tip is to decorate your dining room or dining table with placemats, runners and napkins. Doing so makes your dining table feel inviting and ready for any delicious winter dinners or lunches you plan to host for the season.

5. Invest in Quality Bedding

You can swap all things – pillows, sheets and duvet covers- to prepare for the winter season! You can opt for soft fabrics such as cotton or velvet that make your bed ultra cosy. Use neutral colours on your bed if you plan on using rich tones on your rugs and walls.

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