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Top 8 Ideas To Separate The Dining And Living Areas

Top 8 Ideas To Separate The Dining And Living Areas

You might want to separate your living and dining areas to increase your home appeal and even search for the Best Interior Design Ideas for separating the two zones.

You need to know that you can use your creative and clever planning skills to easily demarcate the living and dining area into two independent zones without compromising the quality of your interior design.

Change Your Furniture Layout

You can add an L-shaped sofa or a sectional sofa that creates a distinction between the living and dining areas. An excellent interior design idea would be to change the orientation of the dining table to make a clear difference between the two spaces.

Install A Divider

You can introduce a semi-transparent or transparent divider between your dining and living areas. Or you can install a glass partition or glass sliding door apart from physically segregating the space, and it also offers a clear view between the dining and living areas. A folding screen is another excellent divider idea. It functions as a portable partition and is one of the easiest ways to demarcate the dining area from the living room.

If you have an open-plan layout, you can install a bar cabinet between the living and dining space to create a layered effect.

Introduce Statement Lighting

Lights can set the distinct tone of the living and dining areas if you have an open floor plan. You can use different lighting elements in both areas, like a chandelier in the living room or a floor lamp in the dining room. 

Throw In Carpets And Floor Mats or Accessorise

You create a visual distinction between both spaces when you throw in cosy carpets and trendy floor mats. It also works as the perfect accessorizing and styling tool where you can experiment with contemporary colours, abstract designs, and more. You can even with multiple mats and rugs if you have a large living area.

You can even keep a console table with mirrors or artifacts and maybe some plants that help separate the wall between two spaces to give the appearance of two different spaces.

Create An Accent Wall

You can create an accent wall that separates your dining and living areas, and this is a great interior design idea! You can invest in elements such as wood panelling, statement accessories, wall art, colour, and even wallpaper for creating an accent wall within your living room.

Demarcate The Flooring

You can use different flooring materials to demarcate the spaces between your living and dining rooms. The best interior design idea would be to synchronise the colours and design elements of the living and dining areas; however, use a different flooring material for both areas. You can pick from popular combinations such as other types of tiles and a variety of marble or tiles with wood.

Add Wood Panelling

For homes with contemporary interior design, wood panelling is the ideal solution that helps to separate the dining and living areas. As in a contemporary interior design, the living and dining areas are close to each other. Following this trick makes up for Interior Design. It provides a rich and organic feel to your home.

Colour Division

If you wish to demarcate your living room and dining room space, colour is a great way to do so! If your living room flaunts pastel shades, you can paint one accent wall of your dining room in the same shade or even use a lighter shade from the same colour palette. This keeps both rooms under the same decor scheme without making it look too jarring with a completely contrasting colour. You can even use accessories in the living room that help complement this wall colour. 

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