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Rennovate Interiors / Home Interior  / Tips for Decorating your Home’s Interior: Top 6 New Year’s Decoration Ideas
Tips for Decorating your Home's Interior: Top 6 New Year's Decoration Ideas

Tips for Decorating your Home’s Interior: Top 6 New Year’s Decoration Ideas

New years are filled with love, laughter, warmth and kindness; it’s the season of spending quality time with your family and loved ones, enjoying delicious meals and having a merry time.

And the best part about new year’s is getting inspired by the best Design Ideas for your Home or getting help from the best Interior Decorators in Mumbai to help you transform your home into the holiday spirit and positivity.

Table of Content 

Here are the Top 6 new year’s design ideas for your home that will make your home ready to celebrate the new year!

1. Transform Your Living Room

A Christmas tree is the quintessential show stopper – standing tall in your living room with a delicate angel wing or sparkling gold star – the tree perfectly represents the Christmas spirit. Since Christmas is followed by new year’s, having a Christmas tree in your living room will get you in the new year’s spirit. To make your Christmas tree more personalised, you can add ornaments that boost family pictures, handmade hanging decorations or even hand-painted wooden and glass baubles.

2. Mood Lighting Decoration 

Creating the perfect ambience for new year’s is a must; mood lighting decoration helps make your new year’s more memorable. Go for LED candles and lights, or even keep the lights dim to create a mood lighting setting. A good mood lighting scheme will surely get you in the new year’s spirit.

3. A Pop of colour is always loved.

It’s time to swap out the regular cushion covers with the ones in festive hues and exchange a plaid throw or rug for a pop of colour. You can even tie large bows on existing decor like bookshelves, mirrors or picture frames to completely get into the Christmas & new year vibe. You can drape fairy light strings across window sills and display units. Casually placed candles and citrus fruits also help add warmth to the living room.

4. Christmas decor for the dining room

The dining table will be the star of your Christmas meal, and you must pay equal attention to it – almost all Interior Decorators in Mumbai will suggest that. Elegant metallics in snowflake silver or light-coloured and rustic wooden serve ware will add the perfect Christmas touch. For the Xmas centrepiece, you can put together an easy candle stand along with a bunch of small twigs or cinnamon twigs, and you have the perfect table setting for the perfect Christmas dinner! If you do not have any bright colours on the table, you can include them through big green wreaths that hang from light fittings, door frames or windows.

5. Wallpaper Decorations

If you plan on having a New Year’s party at home, wallpaper is a great wall decoration idea. They can be used for decorating and adding a visual punch to your homes and even prove to be an excellent background for the unlimited photo sessions you plan on having. Wallpapers come in various sizes, colours and designs, and you can pick one that suits your home the best.

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6. Sparkly Countdown Toast Glasses

Toasting at midnight is an age-old new year tradition, and you can use special touch to your home decoration idea for the new year by using sparkling toast glasses for your guests!

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