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Different and Stunning Wall Décor Ideas : Interior Designing Tips

Interior Design Tips: Different and Stunning Wall Décor Ideas

Best interior design isn’t always centred around buying expensive and luxurious items for your home that make it look rich and fancy. Great Interior Design happens when you and the interior design firm you work with brainstorm creative and out-of-the-box ideas and represent them aesthetically pleasing.

Walls are perhaps the soul of your home, representing who you are, your style, and your ideologies. You have to make them unique and personalised.

Walls can be a powerful home asset and, when designed rightly, can change the entire home ambiance!

They present infinite possibilities of interior design, and a few additions can transform your home walls into stylish focal points.

Are you confused about how to get the Best Interior Design for your walls? Don’t know where to begin or 

what’s your style?

We’ve got you covered!

Our Interior Design experts at Rennovate have listed different and stunning wall decor ideas that can transform your walls!

Table of Content 

1. Get the space planning right. 

Declutter your spaces. Whichever style you go with make sure the space has clean lines so that the aesthetic can flow through. Avoid lofts, overhead storages, height reducing storages. Keep circulation free. Avoid obstructing a window. Avoid too many prints , patterns, combinations in the rooms. Avoid cluttered false ceiling designs, flooring changes, multiple swatched doors and furniture. They just fragment the visual and make the entire space look small and kitchy

2. Get the lighting and false ceiling right.

This is a very critical step. Poorly lit rooms, poor daylighting not addressed, rooms without highlighted lighting in the form of led strips , lamps are just designless no matter how much effort is put into the other steps. Add task lighting, add ambient lighting. No need to put more than 4 lights of 15 w in a 10’ x 10’ room, then add 3 spot lights/ lamps/ accent lights. This is the basic minimum.

3. Get the wardrobes, beds, woodwork to look good

Good, is a subjective word. But there are rules that good designers use for a great outcome. Wardrobes should be a part of the overall room theme. Avoid overly done wardrobe designs. Mirrors stuck on top of ply is extremely outdated- avoid. Neutral wardrobes are the best, they match with all room changes over the course of your home. Bed headboards matter more than the bed itself. Make sure that the room is a fantastic harmony and not one screaming element.

4. Fix the walls with Paints , Wall papers, Textures

Play With Paint:

Paint is a classic way of livening up your walls! You don’t have to stick to neutral shades like whites and greys. You can create an accent wall by a single wall in your room in a bold colour like yellow, green or blue. This adds a pop of colour and a lively element to your room. You can even experiment with textured wall paint for the best interior design as they offer more depth to your rooms and create a point of interest.

The Magic Of Wallpaper:

Wallpapers are trendy and loved by several home & lifestyle enthusiasts. They are an ideal way to customise bare walls. You can opt for custom-made wallpapers for your homes or pick from the variety of wallpapers available in different colours, themes, styles and designs. Another great benefit of installing wallpapers is that they cover any defects on your walls. A fantastic wallpaper can easily hide problems like dark patches on the wall. Also, wallpapers can transform your rooms by offering texture, pattern and colour to walls in a way paint cannot do.

Wall Panelling:

If you want your home to have a rustic charm, wood panelling is a perfect choice! It offers warmth and acts as a rich upgrade to your rooms. Wood panelling is a versatile idea that can instantly turn your interior style from contemporary to traditional! Pick your wood panelling smartly as the grain, spacing and size between the panels differ according to your interior design taste and layout.

Exposed brick walls are always trending, especially if you have an industrial-themed home; brick walls add the needed grunge to your space. Exposed brick walls also offer a raw and stylish appeal to your home and add the required texture. You can opt for a brick wall in red and white as it provides a well-balanced luxurious touch.Stone walls offer a striking appeal to any room, increasing the charming quotient of your walls and providing the room with great character and style. Stone walls can be utilised for kitchen backsplashes or behind your tv unit to make your interior design style stand out from the usual ones.

5. Decor

Hanging a wall clock is a classic and stylish choice promoted by several interior design companies. Placing a large wall clock on your walls is highly functional as you are always aware of the time. Apart from their functionality, these clocks come in various shapes and styles that add an artistic touch to your home. You can opt for vintage, ornate, or modern and sleek wall clocks that either perfectly blend with the interior design or make an impact by standing above all furnitureImagine having a wall that acts like bookshelves too! This idea is perfect for book lovers as they no longer need to hide their books in storage. Don’t worry if you are not a book lover, as you can use the shelves for storing your sculptures, antiques and artwork. Multipurpose walls add a unique and lively element to your walls.

Memory walls are always a favourite amongst every homeowner and never go out of style. A memory wall filled with old and new family photographs exudes warmth, joy and happiness to you and your guest too. What’s better? Get ready to have some great conversations about the pictures on your memory wall! Your guests are bound to get curious and ask you the story behind every photo on your memory wall!

You can try a mix of pictures placed in an asymmetric pattern to give those blank walls an elegant uplift.

6. Mirrors

Opting for mirrors available in different geometric styles and shapes instantly adds shine to your walls and a lot of personality. It is a fantastic versatile design adding glamour and increasing the light in your room and the sense of space too!

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7. Curtains, cushions, Showcase A Fabric

An exciting wall decor idea will showcase a fabric you love on your wall; the fabric can be placed on any wall in any room. A tapestry or a fabric wall hanging instantly adds a pop of colour and pattern and adds a sense of softness to a neutral space. Another great idea would be to frame your vintage scarves or other pretty textiles and hang them on your wall. It brings a lot of softness into any room.

Design takes time and thank god for 3D renders that save us from paid for blunders that are hard to redo. 3Ds are the best communication between the designer and customer. So pay attention to the 3D. At reNNovate, we want you to have the best home with all the above elements orchestrated well. It isnt easy but we love to do it.

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