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Big mistakes people make while doing their home interiors

Big mistakes people make while doing their Home Interiors

Benchmark the market for quality and prices. There are any products, be open minded. Different products come at different prices.
Designers add value, take away headache from the process and project management. Make sure you get a designer that aligns with your aesthetic sensibility
Lowest bidder, lowest price is not the way to get the best deal. Today there is a lot of value addition in architects, interior designers helping with your home with a nominal additional charge.
Once shortlisted, have faith and handover control. There is no bigger problem than to hire a creative consultant and not allow them to design for you because of minute specifications
BOQ, specification from customer days are over- you can rely on the architects to show you latest trends and not the other way around
Trust. No consultant would want an unhappy client. They will try to show you the end result as best as they can to avoid surprises.
Don’t be indecisive, confused. Consult your architect, ask them how to decide or just go with them. No one wants an ugly project on their list to show other potential customers
Don’t try to match everything
Don’t make the architect do more than 4-5 repeats or options! That is a warning sign to them to make safe choices, ending up in boring interiors
Don’t haggle on design fee or last payments. That is always a sign that a money hold up will happen, it affects the morale at the end of the project when the finishing is happening. Finishing is key to the final product. Your attitude could affect the entire tone
Money is important to the customer, it is important to the architect. Do not look to cut the design fee. The service provided is service provided. It is the customers job to make sure that the service aligns with the expectation at the beginning of the project
Biggest mistake: getting quotations after starting the project, getting too many views from friends and family, suspecting the intentions of the interior decorators after hiring them.
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