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Tips To Use Luxurious Material - Luxury Home Interior Decoration Tips

Top 5 Tips To Use Luxurious Material – Luxury Home Interior Decoration Tips

Luxurious Home Interior Design Mumbai need not always be complicated and challenging.

It’s about finding your style and adding a touch of luxury to it!

Your home interior decor becomes luxurious with the right elements that represent who you are and your style and persona.

You might think that bespoke chandeliers, heavy curtains, larger than life home interior decoration reflect luxury. But that’s not the only way. 

A clean minimalistic-styled home with Italian marble tv walls, bed, back walls, and floors is a trending way to get there. Fabulous imported furniture or lookalikes add that design oomph. Luxurious wallpapers, rugs, artwork, and expensive furniture add value and design.

You can define your luxury; that makes the home interior decoration fun!

Every individual gets to define their luxury, and we at Rennovate are experts at creating distinct luxurious home interior decor that suits the luxury needs of varied individuals!

Table of Content 

•Top 5 Tips To Use Luxurious Material – Luxury Home Interior Decoration Tips

      •A Few Things to Remember regarding Luxurious Home Interior Decor:

      •Luxurious Home Interior Decor Material




           •Composite Stone/ Quartz

            •Mixed Metal

A Few Things to Remember regarding Luxurious Home Interior Decor:

  1. Texturize your walls, beams and ceilings with 3d boards, panels, wallpapers, grooves and more
  2. Marble is a luxury home interior decoration elements that can be used all over your house and in multiple ways. Use jumbo tiles with brass inlays or mirrors for a great outcome at a cheaper cost.
  3. Lighting is crucial in creating luxury with well-placed led strips, chandeliers, spots, and tracks.
  4. The use of glass, black tinted mirrors and large sliding fittings are all fabulous ways to add glamour.
  5. Big bathrooms, jacuzzis, steam, sauna, and Oversized shower areas are always a great idea. His and her wash basin spaces with excellent backlit mirrors, drop lights, and gold fittings are an absolute must-have!
  6. You must have an eye for detail to craft a luxurious home interior decor.
  7. Your decor must be unique and classy and leave an impression on anyone who visits your house.
  8. Soft close fittings, more kitchen lifts and gadgetry, and wardrobe pull-outs are a real luxury and utility.
  9. Large Sliding doors in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and room partitions can provide a fantastic appeal.

Luxurious Home Interior Decor Material

1. Marble

Did you know that Marble is the ultimate luxury statement that can instantly increase your home’s luxury quotient?

The bright stone offers your home an instant facelift! Avoid overusing the stone too much, as it can have a stony cold effect if not coupled with wood and gold touches. Being a versatile material, marble can be used in almost any interior aspect of your home- an elegant Flooring, tv wall, bathroom, backsplash in the kitchen or as a marble accent in the bedroom. The stone adds a luxurious touch without feeling overbearing. This Vastu-approved stone is known for bringing peace and tranquillity.

2. Gold

Using gold in your Home Interior Design Mumbai will instantly make your home stand out from the other usual homes! Gold’s “rich” touch instantly makes your house feel like a palace. With something as simple as brass inlays, gold mirror verticals, or even gold in lighting/ decor, one can see the noticeable glam!

Gold-encrusted or gold-plated accessories, furniture, and chandeliers take luxury to the Dubai look! 

Gold bathroom fittings, golden door handles/knobs and sofa, centre table, and bed legs are an exciting way of adding gold to your rooms. Don’t worry; it’s not actual gold and dont need maintenance!

Incorporating gold-coloured substitutes is more affordable and will elevate your home’s luxury appeal too!

3. Wood

Wood offers calm and soothing energy to homes. Whether oak, bamboo, cherry wood or mahogany, wood is an ideal luxurious material that can instantly make any home look glamorous and elegant! By wood, we mean veneers, WPC panelling, slatted wooden looks, rafters and even wooden laminates!

The colours of wood are a vital choice for the final look. Walnuts and Mahogany are darker and offer a regal and luxurious feel creating cosy and sophisticated interiors, whereas oak comes in lighters and mid-tones. Cherrywood is a reddish version that gives high warmth to the spaces. Bamboo & bamboo-based products invoke an Indian look.

4. Composite Stone/ Quartz

This new product is an excellent relief from traditional granite, offering options in whites, lights, greys and beiges.

Composite stone is usually used in kitchens and dining areas as it looks fantastic from all angles. The stone offers a smooth finish and glow that’s easy to maintain and highly durable too! Composite stones like quartz can be used creatively in the form of stone wall decorations or stone bathrooms. Composite stones are a great marriage of functionality and beauty, amplifying your home interiors.

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5. Mixed Metal

Mixed metals are a lovely way of adding glam to the space. You can mix golds, silvers, rose gold and black. This is derived from art, decor, lighting, handles, legs of furniture, and wall inlays. It looks fabulous if the medley doesn’t clash with the overall colour scheme. This is a difficult one to orchestrate. These metals are used for crafting details that can stand out. Metals are usually used in urban interior designs, especially in modern homes. 

Must have luxury elements from reNNovate

WPC panels in ceilings and walls, MDF fluted panels on wardrobes and tv walls, chandeliers/drop lighting, led strip highlights, artwork, decor, marble walls, and luxury wallpapers are wow. They are expensive, but the good news is that they are forever. Brag-value Italian furniture and designer wallpapers are also attractive options.

Mirror panels, marble top tables, consoles, and black-tinted glass shutters are a must-have.

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