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Authentically Autumn: Burnt Orange – Colour based story on how to decorate your homes with Burnt Orange

Authentically Autumn

Authentically Autumn: Burnt Orange – Colour based story on how to decorate your homes with Burnt Orange

Nothing is more versatile than an orange! There are many moods which orange can capture as a hint in a space, or an entire wall or as a piece of furniture! Used as a festive colour, as an Indian colour, as a Nordic accent, as a fun colour for a kid’s room; applications are varied.

At Rennovate Interiors, we often use a burnt orange accent mixed with black underlays, white overlays or just in its pure form.

Take for example the family room with the Nordic orange accent chair in an otherwise beige and white room. The pop of colour adds a richness, a whimsical styling to the underlying gold ambiance of the room.

Another wonderful application is the kid’s room with an Asian paint stencil as a white overlay on an orange wall.

Even as a part of an Indian décor, orange/saffron/burnt orange are essential parts of the folk art colour set. In this hand-painted Mahbubani wall, the artist captures flowers and fruits in this traditional colour which is further accentuated in the window seating area with fabric texture paint with orange, burnt orange, and red.

Even as a bedroom accent running through the ceiling, pumpkin orange adds an autumn mood to a white bedroom.

Vastu Shastra wise as well, orange has very important value as a positive energy giver. With pops of colour in a traditional home set up, burnt orange lends that wonderful pop of colour in wood finishes. As accent chairs in front of a yellow brick wall, burnt orange lends that royal touch to a small living room.

In the bedroom with a metallic burnt orange woven with black accent, a wonderful wall behind the bed has a copper touch and lends itself as a wonderful backdrop to an Indian accent bedroom with kanjeevaram saree blinds and applique bed decors!

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