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20 Upcoming Ideas To Renovate Your Homes With The Trending Home Interior Design

20 Upcoming Ideas To Renovate Your Homes With The Trending Home Interior Design

Staying ahead of the latest trends in the field of interior design can be really confusing and tiring where things mostly change on the basis of the decision made by an influencer or a magazine. So, every year comes with a wide range of interior design trends that can be used into the home. As 2018 is almost coming to an end, the interior designers are talking about the upcoming trends of 2019. So, here are a few home renovation design trends that you can consider in 2019 for the home improvement project. Although trends often come and go, never get surprised in case you spot different types of interior styles, which have been carried over.


  1. Convertible urban dwellings: Starting from modern iterations on the Murphy beds to multi-purpose built-ins and movable walls, convertible urban dwellings are considered to be the most intriguing and sensible interior designing trends in 2019 to get the attention of the designers. The main reason behind it is that nobody likes to have a home that brims with conversation-starting and genius design that even makes the best of the smallest spaces with great designs, practicality, and ease.
  2. Boho’s back: The boho style has never faded away, rather its impact on the design has been the same as it was a decade ago and this is only for good reasons. That kind of offset and a rich layered look could not continue with the times that are decidedly subdued. And this thing takes on the expressive design without a laid-back approach. Now boho style is back with a complete bang and the best thing about this design is that it can set your home apart. In fact, this style can be incorporated into any home quite easy to add the sense of whimsical characters, which were absent for a really long time in the field of interior design.
  3. Multifunctional and compact furnishings: These days, as more and more people are settling towards the urban city dwelling, this makes sense for the interior designers to catch on to the requirement for multi-purpose and smart furnishings finally, which are actually petite in scale. To design your interior in this manner, you can say hello to the furnishings, which are capable of adapting to different types of needs and spaces and also fit into the challenging rooms, which are not short on the styles, making this a really welcoming trend as well as one of the best interior design trends of 2019 to make a splash. 
  4. Colorful kitchens: For a really long time, white kitchens have been a popular option. But the design concept is changing now and therefore the trend of colorful kitchens is coming back. Colors selected wisely can be wonderful additions to the kitchens and these colors also beautifully pay off against the white benchtops. Besides, colored cabinets add a great interest to the pale kitchens and this combination look beautiful together.
  5. Return of terrazzo: As a popularity of the mid-century modern design is increasing day by day and it is not slowing down anymore, therefore it is no more surprising that Terrazzo decorative extras and surfaces have a major impact on the interior design forecasts of 2019. Terrazzo is basically a composite material that contains quartz, chips of marble, glass, and granite to evoke a confetti-like playful, abstracted spirit. And some of the common methods of using Terrazzo in interior decoration is to use it in flooring, shower curtains or even in the lamps.
  6. Statement ceiling: Every year, the interior designers invent some new colors and then release those to the market. But now, it is the time to change the color of ceilings and the concept of statement ceiling is making a buzz. For lacquered to expressively painted colors, to molding covered ceilings and wallpapers, there are a number of things that can be said about this alluring visual impact considering what the things that we often dismiss have to offer. And the best thing about statement ceiling is that a re-imagined ceiling like this can actually make the appearance of a room brighter, larger and memorable than the ceilings with common accent colors.
  7. Multifunctional furniture: These days, more and more people are living in small spaces and considering this fact the interior designers and interior designing firms in Mumbai are becoming very much inventive and the result is the invention of multipurpose or multifunctional furniture. Some of the popular options include bookshelves and coffee tables that can be converted easily into dining tables or the sofa sets converting into bunk beds. All of these furniture ranges take up quite less space than the traditional furniture types. 
  8. Antique style, ornate sinks: In the past few years, both hardware and sinks are leaning more and more towards antique finishes and warm tones. And even in 2019, this trend is enormously growing. And the options for getting customized sinks in natural stone, gold or brass allow the homeowners to add different types of decorative details to these without getting fussy.
  9. Black and white bedroom: This is the most simple yet the most stylish design of the bedrooms of modern homes. Minimalism is the main theme of this color scheme and this allows the homeowners to concentrate and relax. Besides, it is also an integral part of the 3D home interior design. So, in case you are planning to fill the bedroom with ceiling finish, light, and wall painting, then this can be done perfectly in plain white color. In this situation, the decision of floor covering should be taken seriously and must be combined with black furniture of different tones. Matte or glossy laminate in the grey shade can be perfect in this room
  10. Decorate your home with plants: Like natural and eco-friendly materials, plants also play a big trend while it comes to designing and decorating a home interior. So, if you are planning to decorate your home with plants, nothing can go wrong. All you need to do to decorate your home successfully with plants is to choose some creative ideas to use houseplants. This is better than placing a large pot at any corner. Apart from that, you can also choose ceiling panels in your balcony from where the leaves can dangle down or hanging pots in the corners. As a whole, the best thing about decorating homes with the plants is the health and mental benefits these plants offer.
  11. Graphic prints and bold colors: In the modern interior design in 2019, tribal and graphic prints and strong bold colors are making a big comeback in space of neutral, soft colors. The uses of these bold and graphic prints are now often can be seen in the walls or statement ceilings along with the decorative elements and furniture ranges.
  12. Tribal and geometric patterns: Geometric style is one such thing that will never go out of the style of interior designing, because of the symmetrical harmony. But in 2019, tribal-inspired and ethnic prints are going to be an important part of the trending home interior design. Things that make these prints so special are the familiarity and warmth. Besides, being an offset pattern, these prints can be introduced easily even to the minimalist room types. So, by adding these prints to the designs of a room, it is actually possible to bring more life to the room. For example, you can incorporate these prints into your linens, miniature framed prints or go-to decorative pillows.
  13. Curved furnishings: This was popular in the 60’s and therefore made a big impact on the recent interior designing shows as the rigid lines, which were in the spotlight for a few decades feel tad routine. Earlier, curved lines have taken hold on the rugs and tabletops effectively, but at the recent time, the curved lines have returned to the sofas and other seating arrangements of the drawing rooms making this one of the most covetable and intriguing trends of interior designing. So, if you are planning to invest in a utility bench or in a simple side chair, you can opt for curved furnishing to have a different look and feel. 
  14. Matt black-the new grey: Not just in the bedroom, but black has the power to develop a sense of drama no matter wherever you use it. So, if you are planning to decorate your home with high-contrast and bold design, then matt black is the key. Yes, this shade is moving from the world of beauty and fashion into the interiors and homewares. Seating, lighting, sideboards, décor objects are the main pieces that can be introduced to reference this trend. And this trend is here to stay for a long time.
  15. Eco-friendly interior: As the environment is now suffering major crisis one after one, therefore while it comes to interior design, it always makes sense to opt for home décor and production that are really easy on the eye and also have little or almost no impact on the earth and on its resources. Starting from the leftover things like marbles that are recomposed in smart ways to installing different types of energy-saving appliances or live plant walls, as part of the eco-friendly interior, you must only choose things that take less and in return give back the max to the planet. So, if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen according to the most updated trends of interior design, then it is better to use eco-friendly and natural materials wherever you can. Warm paneling, a natural fiber made furniture and other decorations and wooden flooring are some of the things that can give your home an ultra-modern look and feel while contributing to a great homely feeling.
  16. Natural and sustainable fabrics: Use of natural and sustainable fabrics will soon become a key trend in interior design. Whether it is tapestries and cushions, throws or upholstered furniture, all of these things are now getting attention. Besides, the movement towards the natural fabrics also speaks to broader discussions across the design. And the best thing about the natural fabrics is that these can work across different types of looks and styles like French Country, Boho, Hamptons, Scandi etc.
  17. Clean lines and minimalism: As minimalism works as a clutter-free path through the world of interior design, there is a high demand for a sense of openness and clean lines all over the house. And this type of design is highly popular among the condos and studio apartments.
  18. Exposure of nature world: As per the upcoming trend of interior design, there is no point in hiding the wooden beams of your ancestral homes with ceiling panels or paint. Rather, expose those freely and do everything to protect those properly. For instance, you can protect the wooden beams with a transparent lacquer to make those look gorgeous. Apart from that, you can also choose to ass a natural edge coffee table or dining table into your living room or kitchen. Furniture ranges or furnishings made of natural wood can actually lift up every room as well as the entire home décor.
  19. Gold and more gold: The use of metallic finish in interior design had a revamp and now it is going to make a major comeback in 2019. With the use of black gold, gold patinas and bright gold paired with high-end appliances and raw natural appliances, gold never looks so subtle and beautiful.
  20. Mark your personal touch on everything that you choose for your home: The new trends of interior design are actually inspiring people. Even if you don’t want to follow the trends blindly, you can use these as your guide while it comes to updating or decorating a space. Then decorate your rooms or home with things that are valuable for you and remind you of the best times that you have spent in your home. Believe in yourself and enjoy the beautification of the spaces that you create.
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Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

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