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Tips To Upgrade Your Residence On A Budget In 2023

We all wish to have a well-designed home that all our visitors envy. However, there are times we might not be able to hire the Best Interior Design Company due to budget issues.

But do you know that you can update your residence with simple tricks that do not require major renovations?

We’ve listed some tips to help you upgrade your residence on a budget!

  • Organising, sorting
  • Lighting
  • Paint & Wallpaper
  • Curtains, cushions
  • Update your cabinetry/ woodwork
  • Add decor

1. Organising, Sorting, Cleaning

You can never go wrong with this! Be it the kitchen or wardrobe, cutting the clutter is a great way to lighten the space.

Cleaning your room and repainting is a great and affordable way of upgrading your residence. Deep-cleaning your rooms can make your home more livable and vibrant instantly. 

Deep home cleaning and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way when upgrading your residence on a budget!

Every Home Interior Solution vouches for an open floor where the kitchen, living room and dining room share a vast open space. An open space plan makes your home more appealing to you and your visitors. Making your home seem open and airy is extremely simple. You can start by removing oversized and bulk furnishings around the room or even adding mirrors that give an illusion of open space. When you place mirrors opposite windows, they reflect light into the room, making your room seem more open and spacious. It sounds like a cool trick.

2. Lighten Up

Good and Proper lighting can truly bring life into your room. Redesigning your home’s lighting plan makes your house instantly look new and welcoming. There are multiple ways in which you can brighten up your home with an excellent lighting plan. A simple and affordable method will be to replace your old table and floor lamps with new ones, probably in different designs or shapes. You can strategically place a couple of tall floor lamps in the dark corners of your room, layer the lighting with lamps on side tables, and make your space feel warm and cosy.

Another idea would be to replace all old and outdated ceiling fixtures with new modern masterpieces readily available in the market.

3. Paint & wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look brand new and fresh! 

You can even experiment when repainting your home; for instance, you can add a punch of colour on an accent wall or retouch your walls with a white coat of paint. You can even paint your ceilings in a different colour, such as cool blue or off-white, whichever suits your home style and personality.

Wallpapers provide beautiful textures and themes. These are easy to apply. Wallpapers provide patterns and textures not possible in paint.

Even subtle textures like fabric and stones look very elegant.

4. Cushions and curtains

Adding vibrant, colourful cushions and curtains constantly change the mood. Buying sets by season looks fabulous. Fun Bollywood themes, Indian themes or colour pops add lots of personal touches.

5. Update Your Cabinetry/ woodwork

Your kitchen looks very dated with old-fashioned, worn and dated pullouts and drawers. Upgrading them adds an instant newness to your kitchens. For updating your kitchen cabinets, you can pick from numerous finishes like bronze, copper, gold, nickel, etc. Multiple choices are available in the modern market, and you can choose one that suits your home style and personality.

The design choice is also up to you.

Same for wardrobes, tv units, crockery units and more. Reclamation is also a cost-effective way to make that change.

6. Add decor

Adding pretty artwork, blue plates, idols/sculptures, metal wall hangings, mirrors, photo frame sets, plants, cane/ macrame planters, marble side tables, artefacts, and collectables adds lots and lots of design value. 

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