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10 Indian Beliefs that will bring Luck and Prosperity into your Home

10 Indian Beliefs that will bring Luck and Prosperity into your Home: Residential Interior Tips

Indian beliefs are deep-rooted in our culture and difficult to ignore. Indians hold many beliefs about bringing luck and prosperity into their homes.

Ask any Residential Interior Design Near Me, and they will list the popular Indian beliefs that Indians abide by for their homes.

We have listed the 10 most common Indian beliefs that will bring luck and prosperity into your home.

1.Invite good luck and prosperity with a clutter-free home

A cluttered home always attracts negativity; hence, ensure to keep your home clutter-free. A clutter-free home will invite positive vibes, good luck and prosperity, so always keep your home spick and span. This is an authentic Indian belief!

2. Keep your puja room clean and burn incense.

According to Indian beliefs, the pooja room is associated with good luck and prosperity in the home. Burning incense in the puja room is considered to be very lucky, according to some of the best residential interior designers. The smoke is known to clear off the air (ward off evil spirits) and act as a fragrant.

3. Establish a Ganpati

According to Indian beliefs, Ganpatis are considered lucky, and their presence represents the abundance of luck and prosperity for homeowners.

4. Boil Milk to invite good luck and prosperity

On the day you shift into your new home, boiling milk is considered to invite prosperity and good luck. Overflowing milk represents abundance and prosperity in this case. You must ensure to boil milk on the day you move into your new home.

5. Don’t Forget To Crack The Coconut: An Important Part Of Indian House Warming.

As per Indian beliefs, it is considered auspicious to crack a coconut at your doorstep before moving into your new home. This ritual is regarded as a symbolic offering made to gods to please them and brings in good luck and prosperity.

6. Move In On An Auspicious Day.

Moving into your new home on an auspicious day is considered to bring good luck and prosperity. Thursdays are said to be the days of lord Vishnu as per Hinduism, and as he is the lord of preservation, Thursday is considered to be a good day for home shifting.

7. Buy A Vastu-Compliant House.

Indian real estate markets always acknowledge the fact that Vastu-compliant homes are more in demand. East and north-west-facing homes are considered to be lucky and more in demand. Always ensure to check out the Vastu-compliance of your house before buying it.

8. Always Bring In God First.

When moving into your new home, bringing in gods first is considered to bring luck and prosperity to your new home.

As per Indian beliefs, no work is completed or done unless we have gods on our side; this is the reason why many people consider walking into their new homes holding holy books or god idols.

9. Bring Vastu-Compliant Plants 

Plants bring in good luck and prosperity into any home. Basil is the ideal plant to have in your home, according to Indian beliefs. You can even bring in a money plant to brining in financial prosperity. The neem tree, banana plants and lotus plants are other vast-compliant options.

10. Fishes And Elephants Are Considered To Be Lucky. 

Fishes represent wealth and good luck in multiple cultures, whereas elephants denote power, fertility and wisdom. Ensure that these two elements are present in your home interior, as they bring you good luck.

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