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Rennovate Interiors / False Ceiling Design  / Stunning False Ceiling Design for Your Home: Add style and substance to your spaces
Stunning False Ceiling Design for Your Home- Add style and substance to your spaces

Stunning False Ceiling Design for Your Home: Add style and substance to your spaces

This post will provide you with comprehensive knowledge regardless of whether you just bought a new home or want to refurbish your old one using the newest false ceiling ideas. Regarding the newest contemporary false ceiling design concepts, all forms of false ceilings, Simple false ceiling design costs, false ceiling advantages, false ceiling materials, kinds of lights used in false ceilings, various false ceiling designs for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, etc.

False ceilings are also referred to as secondary ceilings, according to several well-known Interior Designers in India. It’s also referred to as an artificial ceiling or a dropped ceiling because these contemporary false ceilings are constructed beneath the main ceiling. It keeps the space warm in the winter and cools in the summer, among many other benefits. A special artificial ceiling can be made out of POP, Gypsum board, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panels, wood, and other materials. Interior Decorators frequently use a variety of contemporary false ceiling ideas. The most recent false ceiling design ideas include those using metal, POP, POP false ceilings, and gypsum false ceilings.

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What is a False Ceiling?

A fitted ceiling known as a false ceiling is one that hangs below a room’s or house’s original ceiling. Giving your homes a fashionable appearance, it is typically hung by metal frames that are adaptable enough to be built in homes of any size.

Every room has different ideal ceiling designs. There are countless patterns and colours to pick from, giving your home a trendy and personalised look for the surrounding walls and the general motif of the building.

Types of False Ceiling Ideas by Renovate

False ceilings come in a variety of styles that are used in residential interiors. According to the materials, appearance, and visibility, there are various varieties of false ceilings.

However, its major categorisation can be made based on the available information. The eight most common fake ceiling types are listed below.

  1. 1. POP False Ceiling
  2. 2. Gypsum Board False Ceiling
  3. 3. Wooden false ceiling
  4. 4. PVC False Ceiling
  5. 5. Metal False Ceiling
  6. 6. Glass False Ceiling
  7. 7. Fibre False Ceiling

Guide to Choosing the Right False Ceiling Ideas for their Home.

1. Consider The Popular Materials: 

Consider what you want from your false ceiling when selecting the material for your false ceiling ideas. It’s also crucial to examine the ceiling price in advance so you can estimate your expenses. Check out the list online before making a decision if you’re looking for inspiration for the many ceiling design options.

2. Cost of False Ceilings

The ceiling cost per square foot is determined by taking into account a variety of parameters. These consist of:

  • Design: Choosing false ceiling ideas with a more intricate design can increase the cost.
  • Size: Since the materials needed may be bought in quantity at wholesale costs, the cost is low for a greater ceiling surface.
  • Quality: Choosing high-quality materials will increase the cost. However, because they last longer, high-quality materials provide a larger return on investment (ROI). Additionally, the quality of the false ceiling has a significant impact on durability.
  • Availability: Transportation and logistic costs can be reduced if the resources you use are readily available on the market.
  • Additional expense: This covers the price of the cutting, lighting, accents, fittings, and finishes.

3. Considerations for False Ceiling Shapes

POP artificial ceiling is well-liked because it can be customised to fit any desired ceiling style. Other materials, however, can also be moulded to a person’s specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About False Ceiling Ideas

False ceiling ideas with Coffered Designs are of the best type.

Gypsum ceilings are incredibly durable. Gypsum ceilings have sturdy metal frames, making them exceptionally long-lasting.

Gypsum ceilings are the best in terms of materials for house interiors, yet the sort of false ceiling you choose will mostly rely on your needs and preferences.

Gypsum is a fantastic material for your fake ceiling design since it resists fire and can help with sound insulation.

The price to build a false ceiling varies depending on where you live. The cost of labour and the price of the materials utilised are the two main causes of this.

False ceilings are a very popular option because of all the advantages they have to offer.


False ceiling design options have never been as varied and extensive as they are now, without a question. Homeowners in the modern day have many options. But sometimes having too many alternatives might be confusing. Therefore, every homeowner needs to be conscious of their own tastes prior to having their ceilings done.

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