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Drawing Room Interior

Drawing room interior design is the first room anyone enters in ones home. Its crucial for correct floor space utilization and hiding architectural flaws like columns, beams, electrical points etc. Living rooms or Drawing rooms must be clutter free and planned with clean lines. One is often tempted to add rafters, partitions in front of entrances, busy false ceilings and furniture in the attempt to create a great living space but unfortunately these cant be applied to all spaces and all layouts!

Essential hacks for Drawing rooms or living rooms is to treat the walls with highlight colours, artwork, decor, wallpapers, textures or stencils. Walls and window coverings are as important as furniture , flooring and ceiling. Do coordinate the colour schemes, themes, styles and elements of each space.

interior designs for drawing room

Drawing Rooms Interior Design By Rennovate

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Interior Design for Drawing Room
Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Sofa
Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Chair
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Drawing Room Interior Ideas

Interior Designs for Drawing Rooms

One of the most significant rooms you design in the house may be the drawing room because of all the different functions it provides. After a long day, the family gathers there to watch TV, catch up on chat, and relax. Create storage that works for you. Especially in smaller living spaces, keep sofas with high legs, take up light colours, take up floating tv units and floating furniture. Blinds also work brilliantly for space saving.

Add glamour with hanging lights, fancier fans, home automation.

Essential tips for living rooms are great mirrors, good wallpapers or textures, full length curtains besides all the furniture essentials discussed above.

A drawing room’s primary function is to facilitate relaxed discussion, and that is the seating arrangement you want. In order to encourage individuals to open up, chat, debate current events, ideas, and share tales, you need an excellent drawing room interior as an environment that makes people feel comfortable.

So, do you intend to alter the drawing room decoration?

Or have you recently moved into a new house and are seeking a skilled and imaginative interior decorator for your drawing room interior who can design an area that you love?

You’ve come to the correct place because reNNovate has the most beautiful interior designing for drawing room ideas!

You may even look at multiple interior designs for drawing room ideas here for inspiration!

Modern Interior Design Ideas
for Drawing Room

There are many simple and effective colour schemes or décor drawing room interior ideas for a modern drawing room if you want to give your living room a contemporary makeover. A monochromatic or even one-toned colour scheme is our go-to style since it gives any room a tidy, refined, and well-designed appearance.

Another creative method is choosing one furniture item or focal point in the space to make a statement. The wall in this contemporary drawing room that separates it from the open kitchen is constructed of a striking interplay of textured stone. It serves as both a piece of art and a visual cue for the room’s overall theme.

Modern Interior Designing for Drawing Room

India is a nation that is the source of the most distinctive and intricate arts and crafts. These provide a vivid explosion of textures and colour when they are arranged around a contemporary interior design of an Indian drawing room home. In addition, it describes your ethnic background, the generations-long history of your family, or the quality of the local handicraft.

The weather frequently plays a significant influence when homeowners arrange their décor because most cities in India have to contend with the hottest summer months for a substantial portion of the year. The most common drawing room interior design Indian concepts include using cool colours and tones on the walls and in the furniture to provide a pleasant reprieve from the heat. While keeping your drawing room all-white is the safest option, you may break up the monotony by selecting other calming colours like baby blue, pastel pink, or mint green.

Furniture List For A Drawing Room:

Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Sofa


Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Chair


Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Table


Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Headboards


Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Desks or shelfs

Desks or shelfs

Furniture List For A Drawing Room: Light Stands

Light stands

interior decoration of drawing room

Effective Tips For
Drawing Room Decor

Maintain lightweight, portable accessories so you can rapidly make room for a larger gathering.

A soft area rug or carpet is a need for a drawing room. Nothing beats spending a chilly spring evening huddling over a fire.

Choose between a classic fireplace that burns wood and an electric or gas model.

Choose a colour that relaxes the entire drawing.

Consider the atmosphere you want to create in the room. When decorating a formal setting, neutral colours usually seem royal. Accessories, artwork, carpets, and the current trend of customised and coloured tiles can all offer a pop of colour.

Two or three tiny side tables are required for reading, refreshments, and accent pieces of furniture.

Interior Design of Indian
Drawing Room At reNNovate

When it comes to interior designing for a drawing room, we provide customised end-to-end solutions that perfectly match your needs!

We handle everything from woodworking, electrical work, planning, decorating the interior, painting, and civil work to support services!

As our team is constantly available to handle all of your design demands and provide solutions to your design challenges, we can ensure that you never have to worry or stress about your interior decoration of the drawing room project.

We are fully prepared and capable at reNNovate to deal with various budgets, from large to medium budgets. No matter your budget or how big or small drawing room interior design is, our interior designer team properly collaborates and produces gorgeous drawing room interior design for you!

Drawing Room Interior


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Key Factors That Make reNNovate The Ideal Interior Designer

Our main objective at reNNovate is to produce interior designing for drawing rooms that you adore and that are practical, beautiful, and unique.

We provide our clients with furniture that matches their drawing room interior designs flawlessly and a factory finish!

All of our interior design projects for living spaces are finished within a predetermined time frame.

We assist you in choosing the ideal colours, furnishings, wall layouts, and lighting schemes and even make sure they coordinate and support your ideal drawing room vision!

Our passion, along with the knowledge and abilities of our drawing room interior design team, results in a beautifully designed living room that not only you, but everyone who visits your house falls in love with!

You don’t have to come to us; rather, we come to you, another feature that reNNovate’s clients cherish.

After our initial consultation, we come to you and offer the quotes and layout ideas right away. You are not required to come to our centre.

Instead, we come to your house to assist you in selecting designs. You can choose the interior designs for the drawing room from the convenience of your own home!

Our team of professionals follow the principles and all peculiarities while designing a drawing room interior for you.

We enjoy understanding and taking into account our clients’ ideas, and we especially enjoy it when they offer extra suggestions for the interior design of their interior designs for the drawing room. When constructing your drawing room interior designs, we love to take into account their suggestions and criticism.


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Keep things organized


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At reNNovate, We outshine OTHERS

With ReNNovate Typical experience¹


  • We include everything upfront(see table below for more!)Design depends on costs, it makes no sense to keep change pricing and keep revising design.

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • We reach you! We understand that you are busy. We share the quotation and layout instantly , no forced experience centre visit. Next visit is the your flat and all design selections at the comfort of your home

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Every material is costed. Every item branded and costed

  • Shutter in BWR, rest in HDHMR or poor materials. Not including civil, electrical, paint, design. Something is always missing


  • We specialize in renovations and complicated civil projects. There is a senior architect handling evry project from beginning to end

  • Freshers, non technical interior designers and decorators.

We are not expensive! We include everything….



For designing the drawing room, first, you need to MEASURE SPACE and plan accordingly to the furniture, window or objects that you would like to place in your drawing room. 

After the space has been measured, PICTURE LAYOUT or floor plan of how the object and the other decor items would take place, and does it match the idea you have for your interior design of a drawing room?

Then choose STYLE, COLOR PALETTE, and FURNITURE as you please that will suit your drawing room interior plan.

Or you can just get in touch with us and tell us your ideal expectation for a drawing room decor, and we will provide it to you within a minimal deadline.

As an interior expert in building your dream home, we highly understand the principles and apply them to the interior design plan. 

The principles of interior design are Balance, Unity, Rhythm, Contrast, Emphasis, Scale & Proportion and Detailing.

The furniture List for the Drawing room is as follows:

  • Sofa
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Headboards
  • Desks or shelfs
  • Light stands

You can decorate your small drawing room by 

  1. Choosing furniture.
  2. Create a focal point with a gallery wall.
  3. Enlarge with wide flooring.
  4. Break up a neutral palette with boho patterns.
  5. Hide corners to enhance the sense of space.
  6. Go oversized with the artwork.
  7. Hang easy breezy curtains.
  8. Soften with curved edges.


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