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Creative Wardrobe Ideas for Small Spaces from Best Interior Designer

Creative Wardrobe Ideas for Small Spaces from Best Interior Designer

Creative Wardrobe Ideas for Small Spaces from Best Interior

Your wardrobe is more than a storage option. Often serving as the focal point of a room, your wardrobe reflects your sense of aesthetics. Now, talking about getting all creative with your wardrobe. Your creativity, in this case, will depend substantially on how organized you are. The real challenge is to stash your stuff out of sight. The best interior designer in Mumbai will tell you that built-in wardrobes are a thing of the past. There are more space-savvy, smarter options for smaller spaces. And, here we will explore the best wardrobe ideas for small spaces. Read on to find out!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall! What’s the Most Spacious of them All?            

Play with the mirrors. With the use of multiple mirrors, you will be able to create an illusion of space making the room appear larger than what it is. Make a modish statement with the use of reflective mirrors on the wardrobe panels that will eventually double up as dressing-up mirrors.


How about an Open Capsule?

An open capsule remains the ideal option for those looking for an organized, space-friendly yet efficient storage for their small bedroom. For the uninitiated, a capsule wardrobe is used for stacking clothes and accessories that are worn frequently. The additional clothes, in that case, are stored in a different place like a nearby dresser chest, closet or storeroom.


Go segregated! Go Smart!

How about dividing your storage into both sides of your bed? The segregated wardrobes complete with side tables can do wonders to plush yet cosy bedroom.


Open wardrobes

Though we have initially spoken about stashing stuff away from sight, open wardrobes are a prudent option for those, who are delightfully organized with their storage. Since there is absolutely no room for untidiness with open wardrobes, make sure you are not over cluttering your frame with junk storage. Storing clothes or striking pieces on higher spaces appends to the visuals of the room.

So, it’s all about choosing a wardrobe which is the perfect balance of functionality and visual appeal. Redoing your apartment is sheer joy. The choice of your wardrobe will be integral to the aesthetics that you want to achieve for your personal space. Not only your wardrobe, but every piece of furniture selected by you should reflect your perception of visual vitality, without compromising on the functionality. The storage options, offered here, we hope, will help you

carve a creative, edgy, space-savvy yet unique space for yourself. Remember decking up small spaces is challenging. However, with the guidance of the best interior designer in Mumbai, it won’t be difficult for you to sail through. Redesigning your home with a creative mind by your side will turn out to be a process that you’ll end up falling in love with!

Hopefully, the smart yet creative wardrobe ideas will go on to help you a lot when it comes to designing your personal space. Consult the best interior designer in Mumbai to explore more creative options.

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

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