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Design the perfect living room

How to design the perfect living room?

There are a few factors that govern the design of a good living room: 

Lighting, daylighting, room dimensions, circulation path, amount of storage needed, mood to be created, colour palette, sizing various elements of lighting/furniture/storage, latest materials trends, personalized choices, workmanship and detailing, costing, functionality and overall aesthetics. 

There are many interior design firms in Mumbai that help their customers in designing the rooms but still, it largely depends on the rapport/understanding of the owners with the designer as there are many factors to be sorted out in design. 

Start With A Plan

Owners need to understand the way that the living room interior will be used and the budget for the activity. One of the first things that interior design firms in Mumbai wish to know is about the lifestyle of the residents and the estimated spend. The lifestyle defines the activities that will be held in the living room and makes it possible to plan the apt design. Based on the room size and the lifestyle requirements, the size is derived and with the size the price is derived. Perfect living spaces are an outcome of matching the actual needs with creative sense to provide practical living spaces. 

So, it is important to start with a plan that identifies your needs and adjusts the design to fit into the expectations after considering the structure and space available.

Investing In A Coordinated Trendy “Look”

It is important to invest in a coordinated look: curtains, wallpapers/paints, furniture, lighting and décor. Walls and furniture create the biggest look change/look impact.

Buying good furniture that is of good quality and stands the best of time and choosing well finished walls in trendy colours is very important. Good artwork/home décor can substitute plain walls but takes lots of curation. The owners should take their time and select the various elements that they need for their living room after considering the budget. It is important to understand that many mainstream retailers provide a wide range of options, but purchase as per your specific room look is important.

Focus On Finishing

As important as it is to select the perfect design for the room, it also becomes important that owners invest some amount in giving their living spaces the finishing touches. This includes improving the flooring and texture layering. Such practices also include maintaining color combination so that the living spaces look more inviting and friendly to those who spend their time in the living room. One of the major factors that define the effect of these finishing touches is the arrangement of room lighting. 

This is one thing that demands professional assistance and so interior design firms in Mumbai help their customers in elevating the look of their living rooms by employing a proper lighting scheme.


Keeping these points in mind it becomes easier for owners to better design their living spaces. 

However, they should seek assistance from only such firms that are dedicated to improving the interior designs of their customers and are not just money-oriented in their designing approach.

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