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Vastu and your New Home Interiors

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Vastu and your New Home Interiors

Many of us buy our new homes from a builder and then struggle with various Vastu issues. Vastu compliance in Mumbai homes is usually related to:

  • Entrance direction
  • Kitchen layout
  • Bed head location 
  • Study table location
  • Mandir location
  • Room allocations

First thing to be done is to establish the North direction accurately. With technology today, this can be easily done through compass apps on one’s mobile device. These are GPS devices, tracking your directions through satellite. Make sure the device is kept on a stable surface like a floor or platform to establish the correct angle to the north. This must be shared with your home interior professional or the Vastu consultant.

The floor plan of your home is an important document. Make sure you have a printout and can mark the north sign from above. Join the corners of this floor plan to establish the center of the house and quadrants of the home. 

As a thumb rule, All entrances other than south are considered ok. The master bedroom should be in the southwest corner as marked in red. The daughters’ room in the northwest, Mandir in the North, North East or East.

Study table in north or Northeast, or East. As for the kitchen, the sink or water area, to be in the northeast and the flame in the southeast. Bed heads, all directions except north are ok. South head placement is best!

Obviously, since we are living in flats, not everything will have Vastu compliance. There are solutions. A good Vastu Shastri will be able to offer you remedies through yantras, colours, prayers, and sometimes detailed reading of the horoscope as well.

As home interior professionals, we offer basic Vastu compliance and encourage customers to get a Vastu consultant in case they are very particular. Interior consultants and Vastu consultants work together many times. There are many requirements like turning in the entrance direction. Jaalis, partitions can be creatively proposed

Sometimes, mandir units are located in the living area, we help to create neat screens so that the mandir can be seen only when opened.

Sometimes, working with a Vastu consultant might be daunting as their suggestions might sound extreme! However, most good interior consultants will be able to translate that into an aesthetic and comfortable home for you!

At the end of the day, one must understand that Vastu shastra was created for well-being through natural elements like good lighting, and good ventilation that tied in with good urban planning. In our urban setup today, we need to remain focussed on those. While doing up your home, one must not get lost in too much superstition and find an excellent reliable Vastu consultant and an understanding interior designer who can incorporate the various requirements. Incorporating Vastu in your home should leave you positive during the process and for the time you are living there.

Use of vibrant colours, water fountains, well-placed mirrors, and idols must always bring joy to you. Happy renovating!

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