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Stunning Modern TV Panel Design- Ideas for TV Unit Design and TV Walls

The Best Options Under TV Panel Design To Give Out A Try

Have you been trying to enhance the look of your living space? If so, then looking at some of the best TV Panel Designs will surely act in your favor. It is not that tough to come across the best TV unit designs, especially when you have so many options laid below, right for you to check-in. So, without wasting time any further, it is time to look into the best TV panel unit now. You will be amazed at the responses coming your way!

Table of Content 

Marble TV Panel

This is the trendiest of the tv area looks. Be it marble tile or actual marble, these are wonderful rich expressions for a room. Coupled with brass inlays or WPC wooden panels, these can be done in whites, bold marbles or black!

Mirror or Glass TV Panels

Glass and mirror can be used in full or part to give a disappearing wall look to the tv area. Mirror always adds glamour to the space and with a ceiling chandelier reflecting into it , it creates that picture perfect look!

Laminated Wooden TV Unit:

If you are trying to go for that sleek and modern look, then a laminated wooden TV unit is the best choice for you. Functional, robust, classic!

The laminated wooden TV unit will have a beautiful appearance for the TV wall design. The wooden panels are well hooked up with a thin layer of wood and that won’t affect the TV’s performance.

Available in the many laminate finishes like wood, glossy, textured, matt colour. Designs for this are plenty

Wall paper/ Wall Grooving TV Unit Design:

Not all walls need panels to manage the electrical wiring needed for the tv and its peripherals. We can embed the conduits in the wall and treat the background wall with wallpaper, textured paints, stencils, pop grooving patterns and so much more!

For those sharp and sleek looks of the TV panel design, you better opt for the simple white and black silhouette to add that extra level of functionality to the design. The white-washed walls will offer that major backdrop for this TV unit.

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Neutral Contemporary Designs:

This form of TV Panel Design is known for its crisp and clean lines, which is a perfect example of contemporary furniture. You will be impressed by how you can mount the speakers on this unit for that uniform sound distribution over here.

These are a few of the many TV Cabinet Designs to give out a try. The more you research, the better plans are likely to come across your mind. Check-in with all the options before making the right choice.

FAQs Related To TV Panel Design

Laminated wooden TV units or even rustic TV unit designs are some of the amazing TV unit design ideas to follow. It all depends on how much you are comfortable spending.

Always look at the brand before selecting the right LED panel lights to the rescue. These lights will enhance your TV units even more.

Looking for wall-mounted options can surely help in hiding the wires for your TV units. You can design some units with hidden compartments, to store wires in an organized manner.

Always remember that the viewing distance needs to be 2 inches equal to recommended TV size. So, measure the size of the living room first before determining which TV size is best suitable for your use.

There are different ways to style a TV unit. You can either place some showpieces at the sides or can create units for storing your favorite movies. You can even add flower vases on one side.

TVs mostly look nice against neutral wall shades like off-whites, whites, and grays. In case you want to camouflage the screen a bit, you might have to go for darker paint colors.

Some of the most common sizes will be 42, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches. All these are measured diagonally. You can even find some models in between these sizes.

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