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DIY Interior Design: Is it a Good Idea?

DIY Interior Design: Is it a Good Idea?

DIY interior designing is as exciting as the proposition sounds. It is not really a good idea if you don’t have sufficient time to invest in it. A nuanced exercise that interior designing is, it requires due patience and know-how about the visual and functional trends of contemporary times.

DIY Interior Designing: The Considerations

DIY interior designing is great in organized/Standardized environments like US/Middle east etc. However, In India, materials are neither standardized not are markets organized. So, actually achieving satisfying end results isn’t complete without industry pros. That’s why even old DIY players like IKEA have internal teams to handle this gap in India specifically.

What is possible as an Indian customer is to organize a list of items you need and the looks you are looking for. This exercise will help you hire the right vendor or team.

In case your requirement includes a lot of civil work, or many different items, or coordination of interiors, then DIY is not a good option.

Not just material but prices and labour quality checks are needed in job executions in India. These are the areas that take up a lot of time when doing DIY interiors. So, in short, DIY interior designing is great for those with great creative ideas and the time to explore them.

The Merits of Professional Interior Designing

Though DIY has its own set of pros to offer, it is quite erroneous to think that hiring designers are an indulgence that can be skipped. Professional interior designing services are definitely not a waste of money and time. Professional interior design helps you maximize your space, time, materials, quality and trends – both visually and functionally. 

So, if you are considering DIY interior designing just because you think professional services are not required and that you can manage on your own even without the slightest creative impulses then you would actually end up doing a great disservice to yourself. However, in order to make the most of the benefits that quality interior designing has to offer you, make sure you are choosing a credentialed professional after duly surveying their experience, previous work, reputation, and track record.  

Should you Resort to DIY Interiors?

So, to sum it all up, DIY interior décor is a good idea only when you have time, knack and the patience required. There have been instances when homemakers initially excited by their spurt of creativity had embarked on DIY designing but had left it midway simply because such elaborated projects are not really an easy cup of tea, in India. So, take a call only after a thorough reflection. 

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