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Different ways of decorating your interior with green plants

Different ways of decorating your interior with green plants

As the interior decorators in Mumbai would tell you, the first way in which you can decorate your interiors, is by using green plants to fill out the empty corners. There are certain places at our home where having a piece of furniture may not be the right option. This is because no piece of furniture would fit in in odd corners or table tops or near windows! This is where you can use plants and fill up the empty spaces. There is a lot that you can do in these cases. Please do buy planters for put the pots in though. Bonzais, flowers plants, herbs are lovely for table tops. Palms, bamboos and crotons are great indoor plants.

This is a very useful strategy when you have little space to play with.

Using them as a centrepiece

Your interior decorators in Mumbai would tell you that the centerpiece of your home is a highly important part of your décor. A lot of people buy flowers but those are hard to maintain. Feng shui suggests potted bamboos for good luck. Those have become amply available. A pretty glass or ceramic plater with pebbles always makes it more charming. Plants make very good centerpieces. You can choose plants that are blooming and leafy for your living room as they would make the room look bigger/brighter. In other rooms too these flowers can be used to create an ambience that relaxes you.

Outdoors for plants: Hanging them, verticle gardens

Kitchens and balconies are wonderful for hanging plants. Do not have enough space to put a plant in your balcony or terrace? This is something that the interior decorators in Mumbai would suggest to you as well. If you choose the right plants, it really adds lushness and serenity to the space around ! However, drainage is a specialised thing and many building societies insist upon this done properly so as to preserve facades. A trained professional will be a good resource for the implementation of this

Using it near windows

You can ask your interior decorators in Mumbai and they would tell you that using plants to decorate your corners near windows would be a great idea for sure. This would make things grander and add a lot more composure to your home as well. Do you have any bare walls /odd corners at your home? Having a plant wall could be just what the doctor ordered for you. You can have these on your pathways as well. In these cases, you also enjoy the freedom of choosing the sizes and shapes of the plants.

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

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