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Interior Design Materials

BUDGETS, FINISHES, MATERIALS- How to make sense of it all

There are many materials in the market today for core materials like ply, marine ply, mdf, hdf, plpb, particle board. Many big brands sell only mdf and particle board.

When comparing many quotes, just a difference in the core material can create huge quotation variations.

So whats the difference?

Commercial ply(IS standard 303 grade) is made of sheets of wood stuck together with resin. Therefore a screw drilled into it has holding/threading capacity. Marine ply (IS standard 710 ply) is commonly used in wet areas

mdf,hdf(which are acronyms for medium or high density fibre board) are made of the sawdust stuck together into boards with resin.

Particle board or chip board are chips of wood that are resonated to make boards.


How can you tell the difference?

MDF, Particle board are lighter than ply as well. Ply is denser.



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