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Best Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Glam up Your Bedroom

Trust us when we say this! You literally don’t have to spend a fortune to glam up your bedroom. An unkempt – not-so-attractive bedroom is perhaps the last thing you want. The urge to get it refurbished is perhaps more intense after you are back from an uber-luxurious Parisian holiday. What exactly does it take to introduce the plush hotel vibes to your interiors? What exactly does it take to glam up your bedroom? Today, in the course of the post, we will be exploring a few tips to redecorate your bedroom without having to shell out a fortune for the same. Ask the most discerning professionals offering Interior Design Services and they will definitely have similar opinions to echo.



First things first! De-cluttering, they say remains a potent way with the help of which you can actually go on to make your bedroom look a little more “expensive”. Look up those images of the stunning bedrooms on Instagram or Pinterest. No matter, how aesthetically different they are in terms of colors and furniture arrangement – there is always one particular thing in common. None of those bedrooms is cluttered. There is not a single object in the bedroom, which doesn’t really have usability or an aesthetic function to serve. So, start off by identifying those useless objects in your bedroom. No matter how much you spend on it, a disorganized room will never really look gorgeous or expensive. Get in touch with credentialed Furniture designers in Mumbai to find out more about it.


Your pillows can do a lot!

The way you arrange your pillows can actually go on to bring significant changes in the way your bedroom looks. The most prudent designers will ask you to consider layered pillows. The practical pillows (those you sleep on) should form the base, the bedheads the second layer and decorative cushions or pillows right atop! However, be on your guard against “over-styling” in this case. The sleeping pillows and the decorative pillows shouldn’t ideally take up more than a quarter of the entire length of the bed.


Consider better Lighting Fixtures

Not many are aware but lighting actually has to do a lot with how your interiors look. It is an integral part of interior design. If you are investing in cheap lighting fixtures thinking that they do nothing to the aesthetics then you are wrong. Do away with the cheap lighting fixtures and settle for something more stylish and elegant like a pendant or chandelier or a drum-shaded fixture to complement your bedroom décor.


Upgrade your room by upgrading your hardware

There is no reason to think that you have to eternally stick to your default hardware, which came with your nightstand or dresser. If it’s not visually striking – backed by an ageless appeal- you should actually think about upgrading your hardware. It’s not expensive at all!

Keep these points in view and see how easy it is to glam up your bedroom without having to spend a fortune! We only hope that this primer has been of due help!