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A beautiful home with colourful touches in Mumbai

A beautiful home with colourful touches in Mumbai

The secret to building a simple and beautify home does consists in the bricks and the paints but the real secret lies behind the people who live there. As a home without your loved ones in it is just a hollow building. Hence the people living in the house truly define beauty of the home. It is important to use elements, ideas and textures that you can relate to us and reflect our soul. This is what will make your home truly yours. The architects of Rennovate Home Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai have managed to turn a simple space into a magical place where one can forget about all the troubles of our lives. By using vibrant colours and interesting designs, they have created an adobe that looks traditional but fits a modern family perfectly.

Gorgeous Welcome

It is impossible to ignore the amazing look of the wonderful blue stairs which contrasts perfectly with the mustard walls and the white grills. The plants give out a natural vibe to the whole ambience.

Lovely Composition

The furniture, accents and the artwork seem to be mended in a perfect manner with each other which creates a perfect composition. The colours of the sofas and the woodwork give the whole room a subtle touch.

Grand Dining Room

The woodwork and the dining table adds the antique element to this space. The marble flooring looks mesmerising while the large balcony lets the sunlight fall inside to providing the warmth.

Large Dining Room

The space dedicated to the dining room is spacious and open. The door opening to the kitchen tells another tale as it has an ancient charm to it. The artwork provides one the privilege to sit and ponder for hours

Spacious Bedroom

This interesting set-up has made the focal point the bed in here to provide maximum comfort for so that one can get a deep and sound sleep. In order to add storage, the chest of drawers has been added on the side. This will save you from all the effort of digging in a cluttered wardrobe for small essential items. The long, hanging laps make the room look more elegant.

Modest Workspace

By providing a corner dedicated to the study area, the architects have made an optimal use of space here.

Modern Bathrooms

The combination of symmetrical tiles with a subtle colour and flawless pattern for the walls creates the perfect bathroom space. By adding the posh fixtures, the bathrooms are both functional and sophisticated.

Gorgeous Kitchen

It is hard to create a perfect look with the help of the colour grey. However, the architects have diligently used the grey tones with off-white to achieve the perfect balance of hues. The kitchen looks long and extended giving the perfect illusion of space.

Kitchen- Another look

The racks on the bottom have been stabilized with a subtle approach above the countertops. Requisite lighting makes this space a pleasure to work in.

Large Bedroom

Using green for the bedroom is quite conventional but the architects managed to create a room that is full of serenity and calmness which helps one to relax. The large windows act as a perfect system of ventilation which also provides essential amount of light as well.

Spacious Storage

The walk-in closets are a blessing and if a home is able to adjust it in its design, then it is an absolute winner as far as design is concerned. This provides ample space for the couple to manage their wardrobe.25 great bathroom shower ideas

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

I love design and I involve myself from the very beginning of every project! We tailor make, customize and breathe design styling into each and every project that we take up.