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8 Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Traditional Decor

Here’s how you can give a refreshed look to your traditional home without making it lose its classic charm

You can update the look of he living room by incorporating transitional-style sofas that are neither too sleek and modern nor too bulky and traditional.

Are you in love with the traditional feel of your home yet yearn to give it a modern and updated look? Do you want to go for traditional decor in your house, but add a touch of the modern? You will be surprised to see how some contemporary concepts and design elements can be incorporated within a traditional space to create stylish and elegant decor.

1. Declutter and reorganize
Usually, traditionally decorated homes have ornate furniture, artifacts and accessories collected over the years, while modern homes tend to have less furniture and carefully curated accessories.Hence, the first step that one must take to modernise a traditional home is by reducing the overflowing clutter or elements that have collected over the years. This can be done by getting rid of all the extra furniture and objects that one does not actually require, and reorganising the furniture to achieve a simple layout with maximum circulation space and openness.

2. Replace the flooring
Many traditional homes are done up in flooring materials such grey mosaic, colourful cement tiles, green tones of kota stone or dark-brown wood, which could make the space look visually smaller. Consider replacing these flooring materials with neutral-coloured flooring materials, such as vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, marble or wooden flooring in light-brown tones, to modernise the overall look of the home. You will be surprised to see how a change in flooring can drastically change the look of the home.
Note: Dark-brown wood goes with a traditional decor while light-brown wood goes with a modern decor.

3. Go for neutral walls
Pale walls make the space look neater and larger; they are a staple of contemporary homes. Additionally, usually traditional furniture and accessories are ornate, heavily worked pieces with intricate patterns on them, hence the best way to enhance the beauty of these pieces is to place them against neutral-coloured walls.

4. Go for recessed lighting
This design addition can never go wrong. In this example, recessed ceiling lighting imparts a glamorous and layered look to the haveli-style traditional home decor.

5. Reupholster the furniture
The ‘traditional’ sofas are usually upholstered in multicoloured floral prints or busy patterns; also they come with adornments, tassels, frills and so on. In order to modernise the look of these pieces, reupholster them with fabrics in block colours, linear striped patterns or simple geometric patterns that visually look much lighter.

6. Introduce a transitional-style sofa
You can update the look of he living room by incorporating transitional-style sofas that are neither too sleek and modern nor too bulky and traditional.
Transitional-style sofas are simple and comfortable, with straight or gently curved profiles and come in subdued colours of wood and upholstery. These sofas can be upholstered in materials such as leather or textured fabrics such as suedes, corduroys and chenille; adorn them with silk, brocade, jacquard and velvet cushions in bright Indian colours.In this example, a leather Chesterfield sofa effortlessly blends with the traditional decor, and the deep buttoned tufting gives it a classic look.

7. Mix-and-match the old with the new
The essence of a modern home is that ‘form follows function’. So if you want to add utility to some antique accessories or decor elements which you possess, then combine them with some modern pieces of furniture.
Here is a classic example where traditional columns are fixed on either side of a modern cabinet to not only form an interesting design feature but also provide utility with provision for glass shelves for display.

8. Install modern art on the walls
Install abstract or modern paintings on the walls of a traditionally themed home, as in this image. Such paintings can effortlessly lift up and modernise the look of any traditional space. One can also replace the ornate frames of any existing artwork with simple frames so that they look neat, do not trap dust and are easy to clean.